What To Do When Your Toddler Acts Like A Newborn…


My poor angel was sick for the last few days.  The kind of sick we haven’t seen here before.  The kind of sick that I should have been more appreciative for!  This sick made my little nuthead a NEWBORN again!!!!

There were only 2 positions A was in all day…

Position 1

Position 2

She woke up at 9:45am…because I went in her room and woke her up.  Then she proceeded to sleep the day away on the couch.

We went to the Dr. who said it could be roseola (although her fever is very low grade), or viral…which is what they always say right?!  She’s got a runny nose & is sneezing a little, but other than that, she just slept.  Enough to make this Mommy worried a little bit.  She was up for about 2 hours total the whole day.  Then her Daddy came home & she got a burst of energy!  She played with him & rounded off her daily nutrition of chicken soup & teddy grahams with a slice of pizza…but before we could say she was feeling better, she climbed up on the couch & passed out!

She slept through the night pretty much & thankfully today she is feeling better.  She still has that low fever, and her nose is runny, but the crazy toddler A is back & the newborn sleepy girl has vanished.  I will miss that baby girl, with her head on my shoulder just sleeping the day away, but I’m happy to see my crazy little girl again!