Iheartfaces…On Your Feet!

Another photo challenge….and as soon as I saw the theme I thought of this photo!

I miss the sand on our feet!  Even if we could go to the beach now, we’d be bundled up!

And more about that adorable little foot…yesterday I thought she might have broken it…or at least sprained it!  We went on a big slide & at the bottom her foot got caught and she screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmed like crazy & was limping like a little puppy…then she’d drop to the floor and tell me “eett hurt” while pointing to her ankle!  Thankfully she’s fine & walking completely normal.  Just a scare.  Whew!

enjoy Monday!  We’ve got a busy day ahead…flu shot, and celebrating Auntie H’s birthday early since on her real birthday we’ll be on an airplane to California with Miss A & Cousin S…should be interesting to say the least!!!!

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