Tiny Dancers….

It is no question that my little girl is equal parts Daddy & Mommy…masculine & feminine…leather & lace…you get my point.  She loves football, dirt & playing with balls (stop it…she’s a baby…)  But her girly side is coming through LOUD AND CLEAR!  She loves shoes, jewelry & DANCING!

We signed A up for her very first dance class!!!  She’s in the class with 2 friends, Miss SG & Miss IO.  There’s not too much cuter than these little girls in their tutus!

Here's Miss SG hydrating before class starts!

This is Miss IO showing off her accessories!

3 tutu tushies!

Pretty girls taking a rest!

She'll use anything as a necklace!

SG is the ultimate girly girl!

Looking all innocent!

Hoola Girl!

Takin' a break!

She's taking gymnastics next!

After dance stretching!


For now, this is more of a “play” class than any actual dancing, but I guess we can’t expect too much from 18 month olds!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Dancers….

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