Just a day at the Ritz…

So LK got a new job.  Not me…the other one.  So far, so AWESOME.  They are responsible for our amazing Memorial Day weekend – and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I have to admit I was a little nervous to see what a “company trip” was going to be, and in my mind there was going to be a ton of business related things, and me being left to tend to little A while the husband talked work & “shmoozed”.  Luckily, to my surprise, this wasn’t what happened at all!  As you saw – we went to Disney and had a great family day there.  Sunday was for relaxing by the pool!  I was determined to hang by the pool all day and not get stuck in our room with A…so we did it!  Even better, A cooperated!!!!!

First.  I can’t speak highly enough about California Baby Sunscreen.  It has kept little A protected from sunburn many times since she was an infant.  She has very sensitive skin and is allergic to Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno products….she has had no adverse reactions to the California Baby stuff.  We had no umbrella at the pool for shade, she just wore her hat most of the day.  She swam a lot & took 2 good naps in her stroller.  (ahh that Disney Magic Air)

I got to have a great massage & the husband got to go to a golf clinic.  By the end of the day we were relaxed & ready to party!  I didn’t snap any pictures of the company BBQ that night, but it was great!  A was dancing & playing with all the kids and we even got a fantastic fireworks show!

Thanks to everyone for treating us “new guys” like family & for the opportunity to have such an incredible family vacation!