Happy Birthday Auntie S!

On Friday it was Auntie S’s 30th Birthday!  She came up to NY and on Saturday we had a little party with the family at my dad’s house.  It was so nice to see her on her special day & A had the best time playing with her Aunties, Gramma, Grampa, cousins, etc etc….

Here are some highlights of the day!

A & Cousin S playing with the toy that Auntie S bought for A 🙂 Preparation for Gramma to take the girls to see the Winnie the Pooh movie!

Look who is soooo excited to be out of the house!!!!! Yay!!! Baby A2 makes an appearance!!!

Cousin S showing everyone how she swims!

A floating in the freezing water!

Little EG & KG - EG is the best 2 year old swimmer I've ever seen! She loves the water!!

EG being tossed in the air by Uncle P

Then it was A's turn! She told him to go higher....he was scared 🙂

Uncle P's mom brought the coolest bubbles for the kids...here's Mister LK showing Cousin S how it's done!

A blew her first bubble!

During lunchtime, A thought it wasn't fair that B didn't get to eat - so she did what she always does....feeds the doggie!

Ice cream time!!!

She ate this whole thing....

Except for the few licks she shared with Grampa

She was just casually eating her ice cream....nice way to relax after a swim 😉

Entertaining Grampa

Ice cream hug!

3 girls enjoying the ice cream!

Pretty Gramma....its anyone's guess what she finds so amusing!

Cake time!!!

What a family...

Birthday Girl & her hubs

Great weekend!

Now…A’s note to her Auntie S…

Dear Auntie S,

I hope you had the best birthday weekend ever.  I’m so happy you came to celebrate with us & that I got to spend so much time with you.  I had the best time swimming and especially going to the beach with you.  You are so much fun to play with and always bring me great presents!  I hope I get to come to Florida to see you soon!  I hope you have the best 30th year ever.  My mom says that it’s not so bad being 30!  I love you so much!!!!!!


Baby A