Surviving Motherhood…

Motherhood is…Just like PMS.

You’re always cranky, something always hurts, you can always cry at the drop of a hat, you can’t remember Sh*t, the little things get to you in a big way, you just want to lay in bed with the blinds closed and no noise….

but what makes it different from PMS is this…

No matter what anyone says…g-d makes them this cute as a defense mechanism.  This is love like I’ve never known before.  No matter how crazy she drives me, I still love her more than life itself.  I might be bald from pulling all my hair out in frustration, I might be completely drained and can barely move at the end of each day, but nothing I’ve experienced in my life can compare to laying in the grass with this little girl running toward me, throwing herself in my lap laughing.  I credit my survival to my friends & family.  1 friend and loyal reader I’d like to mention today…

Our NC family…A, without our commiserating almost daily about how completely insane our children are, and laughing through the “how will we get through this” moments, without your patience of a saint that I aspire to, your ability to literally do anything and find the happy in it, your ability to see situations from perspectives I don’t have, your candidness, honesty & willingness to say the things I need to hear…I’m not sure I could be the mother I am.  I am so lucky that you married R.  I can’t imagine a more perfect person for my best friend.  He’s so lucky…and really, besides him, so am I!  I needed a mother friend like you….if only you lived closer!!!

2 thoughts on “Surviving Motherhood…

  1. Thank you LK! I needed that today!!! Especially after M just threw an entire box of cereal on the floor lol. I am so lucky to have you and your family as friends! Thank you for always listening and laughing to whatever is going on in the G household! It’s probably a blessing for our husbands that we don’t live closer because they would never get any alone time with us…. M and I would be at your house constantly!
    Hugs and kisses from NC.

    ps… M is obsessed with pointing to your picture on our fridge. I’m pretty sure he misses you!

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