Sad day…

Today is a sad, sad day.  We lost an amazing woman today.  She had a heart of gold and loved her family fiercely.  She was warm, generous, beautiful, kind and very spunky.  She loved her boys in a way I can only hope to show A.  She loved my family and we loved her.  She will always be remembered fondly in our house.  She was a part of so many of my memories from age 12 through now….I can’t believe she’s gone.  I feel truly grateful to have been able to spend time with her recently, and am so happy that she got to meet baby A and see her play with M, A’s future husband 😉

Here she is with her handsome grandson this summer.


Big will always be with us...thanks for all the amazing memories



One thought on “Sad day…

  1. She loved you and your family so much. I am so happy that she got to see you pregnant and then meet little A! I know she thought of you as part of her family. You are right… she will be missed deeply.

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