Out With the Old…In With the New…(Refrigerator Edition)

Nostalgia played a major role in my obsession with this house.  There was something here when we walked in for that fateful Open House that reminded me of my Grandma’s house & I was overwhelmed by a need to live here.  At that time, I had only seen the living room & dining room.  When we then walked into the kitchen, I knew it was meant to be!  This might sound funny, considering the project that I am most looking forward to is gutting the kitchen & making it my own, however…remember…this IS NOT my Grandma’s house, it just has a similar feel to me.  The kitchen was once state of the art…in 1960.  The appliances are professional grade…like Julia Child.  In her prime & almost up until the end she was amazing…but likely in that last year, no one wanted her cooking 5 course meals!

Our refrigerator was born the same year that we were…and I was very sad to admit that she was really past her prime!  Occasionally the freezer side of her would defrost & we’d find a puddle at the base…and the fridge side, well it kept things “cool” but I’d say the temperature at its coldest ranged between 43-45 degrees.  Definitely NOT the ideal temperature for a fridge!  Luckily, the top shelf stayed cold (sometimes colder than the freezer) and A’s milk never soured…but her cheese sticks were certainly not as cold as they should have been!

This is a memorial blog post dedicated to our old Sub Zero 3211RFD

Front view - we put up the white boards to cover old family photo stickers the previous owner had up there

Ahh her fridge....no light, no door shelves, broken drawers...but it was those brown & beige drawers that I spent my childhood with!

And her freezer side...unless something was IN the ice basket, it probably wasn't 100% frozen!

Full view - her doors had lost their ability to stop opening unless they hit the cabinets to the right and left!

RIP old fridge, there’s a new lady in our life!

No photos, no dents, no scratches....no puddles!

Her door stops at the perfect angle without slamming into the cabinet, she lights up so I can see what is in there, her door holds just about everything I have...and her clear drawers will help me not loose produce for weeks!

Her freezer is freezing, organized, clean, and her ice tray is uncluttered!

I can't wait to go food shopping and fill her up!!!

Welcome to the family Miss BI-48S!  We hope you have as long a life as your predecessor!

While I loved opening the old fridge & thinking of Grandma’s house, I love opening the new one & eating cold, safe food more!

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