Embrace the Camera Thursday 10.13.11 & A few Happy birthdays!

Here’s another shot from our fun afternoon at the beach!

Mommy & her kiddos!

We are celebrating 3 birthdays today!  Cousin A, Auntie S2 & Puppy B.

Dear Cousin A,

I know we don’t see you too often because you like to be home a lot, but I really love you so so much and when we do see you we always have the best time!  You are a great cousin & always share your toys with me…unlike your sister!  I’m looking forward to growing up with you & making our mommies insane…driving them crazy like we did in the restaurant the other day!  I really can’t wait to go on our family trip to California with you!  Auntie H – you MUST TAKE COUSIN A!!!!!  I wish you the happiest birthday & hope that your 2nd year is as good to you as mine has been to me!

Love Always,

Baby A

A moment of sanity in a night of chaos!

Dear Auntie S2,

I am so happy that I got to see you recently when you brought Cousin CJ to NY.  I had a great time playing with you & I hope we see you again soon!  I know that CJ snuggling with you will make this your best birthday ever & I told her to be extra good for you today, so I hope she listened!  I love you very much & wish you a very happy birthday!

Love Always,

Baby A

A baby is the best birthday gift!

Dear Puppy B,

You’re a cute dog & we love you!  You’re insane and I’m not sure how you’ve lasted so long in Auntie H’s house, but my cousins love you & so do I!  I hope you have a very happy birthday and the girls give you lots of treats!


Baby A