Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Fav Photo of September

So we didn’t win last week, but we were a “favorite”!  I’m pretty proud of that!  The subjects are 2 of my favorites!!  Check out the winners & the rest of the favorites here!

This week I get to choose my favorite photo from September!  Hand down, I love this one…

“This is the Life”

My favorite thing to do in September is to go to the beach.  The “season” is officially over, which means that it is pretty empty, the weather isn’t too hot to breathe, and T can come with us!  Boy does that boy love the beach!  He is the best behaved dog when he is on the beach!  It makes me want to fill my living room with sand…

Here are my 2 babies enjoying a snack and the sun on the beach on a beautiful September day!

The Paper Mama