Auntie Sh…

Our pretty Auntie Sh!

Auntie Sh is our youngest Auntie.  She’s got great style, she’s a very talented writer and she’s really funny!  She has a flair for the dramatic which always keeps A and S laughing!  She taught me and daddy “big face, little face” which never fails to get a smile from A.  She co-thought Paris was in London, and wasn’t really sure what a Paralegal was…but we hope she knows that we laugh with her not at her!  Auntie Sh always sees the good in people, which is a quality that I really admire.  She also knows how to party…I’m not sure Daddy’s gonna think that’s a good thing but then again, he’s got crazy Uncle C to scare the boys away!

We love you Auntie Sh!

Auntie Sh @ our wedding

We couldn’t find any pictures of Auntie Sh with A b/c I never had my camera out and ready when they were playing…but we’ll get a good one and update the photo soon!

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