Auntie H…

Girls @ the Beach 1

Girls @ the Beach 2

Auntie H.  How we love you…let us count the ways…

Auntie H is my parent’s baby, but she was the first to get married and had my parent’s first grandchild…my niece S.  She’s another sister with beauty….and she thought Paris was in London, Utero was a third world country, and Jesus was older than King Tut.  Check out her hair…its really awesome right?!  She’s about ready to have our family’s 3rd baby any minute, and I can’t wait to cheer her on in the delivery room & I’m ready to curse out any nurse who gets on her nerves!  She has great taste and loves baby jackets.  She needs glasses, but for some reason I still let her drive me around!  We’re really looking forward to the new baby, although I’m pretty sure we’re not going to see Gramma for months now unless we go to her house!  A’s really looking forward to being off Cousin S’s radar of torture!

Auntie H is a great sister, aunt and friend and we love her very much.

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