In love…with a devil!

With this smile. I can be at the end of my rope, and all she has to do is smile at me. Melts my heart.

All Smiles!

but today….oooohhhhh today….she tested me! Since my mom doesn’t even know about this blog, I can say this. THIS GIRL WAS A BIIIIAAAATTTCCHHHHH!! But I still love her, even when she is this…

Cutest damn devil I ever saw!


Here we go 5771….

Its gonna be a good year. A’s here…what could be bad?!

Great first Rosh Hashana with my baby girl and my family. Over an hour in synagogue and A managed to puke on Daddy 5 times, belch loudly during the rabbi’s sermon, and need a diaper change forcing me to walk in front of the whole congregation back and forth, which I hate but I still love her!

We were at Grandma’s house the first night and A looked so pretty! It was a full 2 days of family and best friends. I took A to visit her Auntie S2 & family. She got licked a lot in the face by a gorgeous puppy, watched her brother T try to get it on with Auntie S2’s new pup (boy that dog can’t lay off a boy poodle if his life depended on it!) and snuggled with Auntie S2 alot. She even took a nice nap on her…of course I forgot my camera, so I don’t have any photos of that which I’m really sad about. I guess now I have another reason to visit with her more!

A on table during dinner at Grandma's

Looking pretty at Grandma's

Chewing my finger & loving on Grandma!

All dressed up for my first Rosh Hashana in synagogue

Embrace the Camera Thursday 9.09.10

Hanging with Mommy while she gets her hair done

Laughing with Daddy...or at him...who knows

Happy Bride and Groom

L’Shana Tova!

We’re busy celebrating A’s first Rosh Hashana with all our family. We pre-gamed with our Auntie D, and we just got back from dinner at my mom’s house. She had a great time! Tomorrow we’ll go to synagogue for the first time and see some of daddy’s fam.

This week’s photos are from Auntie S’s wedding 2 weeks ago. A looked so pretty. To be fair, she didn’t look as pretty as the bride, but then again, we didn’t want to show her up – it was her day after all!

The torture of T begins…

We just got home from our weekend trip to friend’s in Boston.  We had an awesome time hanging with the college boys.  As the only “stuck around since college” wife…I’d like to say those boys turned out pretty great!  A is a very social baby and loved being passed from person to person.  Nap time was sparse, but she was in a pretty good mood for a tired baby!

She’s doing so many new things everyday its hard to keep up!  She’s high five-ing, and a little low five-ing too.  This girl has got some serious AB muscles…she’s sitting up without us holding her.  She’s perfected her pilates “V” sit too.  She’s saying “ha dada” which is killing me … don’t these babies know that MAMA comes first????  Oiy.  (I know…I know these aren’t real words – not the point!)  Is this a preview of what’s to come in tween and teen years??  She’s going to Gramma’s!  And her last new thing is recognizing the pup.  T is NOT happy about this.  Could be because she spent the whole morning pulling his ears and poking him in the eye and grabbing his fur and tugging….oh he loves that!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 9.02.10

Weekly update…little miss just had a little cold last week so she got her shots, which she really didn’t love!  She gained almost 3 lbs and grew a full 3 inches since her 2 month checkup, she’s now 14lbs 6oz and 26 inches!  She’s getting to be such a big girl!  The Dr. said she is very strong and Daddy and I think she’s a genius!  Other milestones, she has 2 new noises, and a lot more movement.  She made it about 4 feet today with no help from Mommy.

We spent the weekend playing in the country with family, we had a Mommy and Baby day at the mall and another one at the aquarium, where baby A loved watching all the fishies,sharks and turtles too, and we went to the pool with Gramma and cousin S.  We had a fun packed week and now we’re off to celebrate Labor Day weekend in Boston with our friends!

Mommy loves her baby!

Playing with the Giraffe