The torture of T begins…

We just got home from our weekend trip to friend’s in Boston.  We had an awesome time hanging with the college boys.  As the only “stuck around since college” wife…I’d like to say those boys turned out pretty great!  A is a very social baby and loved being passed from person to person.  Nap time was sparse, but she was in a pretty good mood for a tired baby!

She’s doing so many new things everyday its hard to keep up!  She’s high five-ing, and a little low five-ing too.  This girl has got some serious AB muscles…she’s sitting up without us holding her.  She’s perfected her pilates “V” sit too.  She’s saying “ha dada” which is killing me … don’t these babies know that MAMA comes first????  Oiy.  (I know…I know these aren’t real words – not the point!)  Is this a preview of what’s to come in tween and teen years??  She’s going to Gramma’s!  And her last new thing is recognizing the pup.  T is NOT happy about this.  Could be because she spent the whole morning pulling his ears and poking him in the eye and grabbing his fur and tugging….oh he loves that!

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