Here we go 5771….

Its gonna be a good year. A’s here…what could be bad?!

Great first Rosh Hashana with my baby girl and my family. Over an hour in synagogue and A managed to puke on Daddy 5 times, belch loudly during the rabbi’s sermon, and need a diaper change forcing me to walk in front of the whole congregation back and forth, which I hate but I still love her!

We were at Grandma’s house the first night and A looked so pretty! It was a full 2 days of family and best friends. I took A to visit her Auntie S2 & family. She got licked a lot in the face by a gorgeous puppy, watched her brother T try to get it on with Auntie S2’s new pup (boy that dog can’t lay off a boy poodle if his life depended on it!) and snuggled with Auntie S2 alot. She even took a nice nap on her…of course I forgot my camera, so I don’t have any photos of that which I’m really sad about. I guess now I have another reason to visit with her more!

A on table during dinner at Grandma's

Looking pretty at Grandma's

Chewing my finger & loving on Grandma!

All dressed up for my first Rosh Hashana in synagogue

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