Week of A’s Aunties…

She’s got 7.  E, S, H, Sh, S2, D & R.  (Yea – I’m one of those with best best friends who we call Aunts…don’t like it, too bad!)  This week, I’m making a post every day telling a little bit about why we love our Aunties and how lucky we are to have them love us so much!

Today’s Auntie is Auntie E.

Auntie E & Baby A

Auntie E is a very special person.  She’s really into music.  She’s really really into Kelly Clarkson.  She is not a 12-year-old girl.  I swear.  She also likes country music, other pop music and not rap.  We once danced on a bar together.  That was a sight.  She threatened to wear an Ursula/Bride of Chucky dress to my wedding.  That was more of a sight.  She bought a car in 30 minutes from a guy who thought we were a couple and baby A was ours.  We root for U of Michigan football every Saturday because of her.  A will be going to U of Michigan if we have any say in it 🙂

We love Auntie E b/c she’s really funny.  She lets us laugh at her KC following, and she lets us point out that A has better style than her (hehe).  She talks finance in German combined with Chinese and Swahili with Daddy, which gives me lots of time to think about our application to What Not to Wear.  She offered to babysit when I need some alone time, and I’m going to take her up on it.  I might install a nanny cam in her apartment to check in, but I’ll let her babysit!

Auntie E, we love you!

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