Move over Monet….Here comes Baby A!

Last week was a great week!  I don’t know if it is because A’s teeth are in, and no more are trying to poke through, or because I basically ditched all plans to do anything that I “needed” to do, and only did things she “wanted” to do…but I’m sticking with our routine of playing this summer!  It is more fun for her, and for me!

To me, summer meant camp.  My earliest memories of summer involve the beach with my Grandma, but since her Grandma lives too far away to take her to the beach every day…A’s first summer memories will include beach days with Mommy!  and next year – Camp!

I’m trying to create a “camp” at home for A.  My favorite part of camp was Arts and Crafts!  Here is what our first Art project looked like….

All set up!!!
A contemplating her work so far…
Painting in action
No limits….we use our whole bodies to paint!
Miss A had to check Mommy’s painting too….
She took a break to add some color to Auntie E’s license plate!
It is always good to see your work from different perspectives…
And….the Masterpiece!!!!! Genius!!!

This was a great success!!!!  The next time we tried this was with PD….and it became more of a body art session than anything else!  Still fun!!!

3 thoughts on “Move over Monet….Here comes Baby A!

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