Happy Birthday Grand Aunt G!!!

Dear GrandAunt G,

I am so lucky to have such a great person as my Aunt.  Even though we don’t see you all the time, every time I got to hang out with you I’ve had a blast!  Coming to your house to visit was one of the best vacations!  I especially liked when all those crazy adults were dancing like nut jobs in your living room!  Oh – and I had a fantastic time keeping Mommy & Daddy up all night there!  So Fun!  I hope they take me to see you again soon!  I also hope that you have the happiest birthday!  You deserve all your wishes to come true!  I hope your day is great and full of fabulous things!!!

Lots of Love,

Baby A

GrandAunt G & Mommy as a bride!

GrandAunt G eating my toes! I love that game!!!