Embrace the Camera Thursday 7.28.11

I heard the greatest quote from someone ever yesterday.  It made me laugh for hours.  “You can’t pick your friends!”  Uhhhhh lady…..if you don’t pick your friends, who do you pick???

Your FAMILY!?!?!

Auntie E came to the beach with us the weekend before last and we had so much fun!

It is photos like this that keep me smiling on days like today when I’m just plain old in a bad mood!  Do you ever have days where you just don’t like anyone?!  Where you just want to go on a vacation from the people you know and love?  I try to stay positive all the time, but today I just can’t seem to do it.

This SAHM thing is really hard.  I used to work for my dad, and as I sit here & think about it, Miss A just might be more demanding and thankless than my dad was as a boss!  I miss adult conversations.  I miss conversations that weren’t interrupted by things needing to be done for a child!  Its been 15 months of baby centric life and there are days that I love every second, like the last 3 weeks….and then there are days like today when I want to throw my hands up, throw my head under my covers & stay in bed all day!

Instead of dwelling on my bad mood, I’m going to appreciate this ETC day & use it to remember that my life is awesome.  My little girl is amazing and spirited and as funny as they come.  I’m going to remember that there are people out there going through WAY worse than SAHM boredom.

Please, everyone who checks out this blog today, read Daniel Bobis’s story & help in any way you can.  Its this story lately that has me feeling guilty for this bad mood.  So I’m gonna snap out of it, and go play with my daughter & hope that her future brings as much light to the world as Daniel’s does.  He must have some very proud parents.