Long Beach Is > Than NJ…But NJ Has Some Good Things…

Like my nieces….I mean come on….check these girls out and tell me they’re not enough to get you to NJ for a weekend?!


Cousin S has gotten so big…and all of a sudden she thinks she’s a Victoria Secret Swimsuit model….every time I took out the camera…I got this…

I finally had to tell her to just smile 😉

And Cousin A2 was giving S some competition with the posing…

The next picture has me freaking out…which I tend to do when one of the kids looks IDENTICAL to their mom…but this time, A2 is a spitting image of Grandma…if any family who knew Grandma when she was little is reading this (or anyone who has seen the painted portrait of my mom as a little girl that used to live in Grandma A’s dining room)…you can feel free to tell me if you think I’m wrong…but I don’t think I am!

Those EYES!!!!

And just for fun…here’s Auntie H…looking radiant in her 8th month!  

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