The Jersey Shore Can’t Handle This Girl!

More fun pics from our trip to NJ this weekend.  We didn’t get pictures of our all day playdate with Mister J since it was so freaking hot outside Saturday that I was in the pool from 10am until about 5pm.  I think next year I’m going to save up for a waterproof camera because these kids are really adorable in the pool & I’d love to capture that!

Once we got out of the pool though, Miss A decided it was time for a jumping dance party on Grandpa’s outside sofas!

What you can’t tell in these photos (hopefully!) is that she is not wearing pants….or a diaper…fun times dancing 1/2 naked!

This is what T thought of the party!  He was in heaven with all this heat!

Sunday we had “project” day thanks to Auntie H.  We made paintings & did tye dye!

Grampa H took us out for a ride on the boat too…I know A loves boats…and Cousins A & S seemed to love it too!  Cousin A is a no fear kind of kid.  The fasted and more dangerous the better!

And again…This was T’s day….

It is really nice to be able to take A to the pool in the backyard, but my favorite part is having a fenced in yard where T can enjoy his days outside in the sun…he is a really good boy and he deserves to enjoy his summers since we make him deal with NY winters!

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