All Star Camper!

Yesterday was Miss A’s first day at camp!  She’s in a wonderful program at Twin Oaks Day Camp.  Each 2 year old camper has their own 1 on 1 counselor to stick with them and them only!  That 1 on 1 attention is something that definitely helped Miss A transition from Mommy all day to Camper 1/2 day with ease.  She had a fantastic 1st day…and since she’s my daughter, I really had no doubt that she’d love camp!  Just wait until she is about 7….she’s headed straight to sleep-away!  (yes Mr LK…sleep-away…ASAP….)

How adorable is Miss A’s counselor?!  She’s itty bitty & A loves her!  I hope her soft spoken, sweet, kind personality rubs off on Miss A a little bit this summer!

While the girls were at camp, E & I took some time to go play with someone WAY less fussy than our 2 year olds!!!!

The baby…the puppy…and the mommy who I didn’t get a picture of all made our little afternoon off the perfect morning!  Thanks to the H’s for having us over!  And to MH for letting me hold this adorable, sweet baby girl for 2 hours straight….I love her!!!!!!

When we picked the girls up, Miss A was SLEEPING!!!!  She had so much fun that she wore herself out before the day was even over!  According to the counselors, she was a little fish in the swimming pool & went nuts in the water!  She bounced in the bounce house, ate cookies and crackers and fell asleep in music!  Can’t wait for Tuesdays & Thursdays all summer long!