Disney with a 1 year old!

Here are some pictures from our trip!  We really are so lucky to have been treated to such an amazing trip!

I did some research into what the best things to do with a 1 year old are in the Magic Kingdom & I think the most important thing was to be flexible.  The day was a great success, due mostly to the fact that us LK’s gave up on us enjoying the normal Disney stuff and instead followed A’s lead…it also helped that we got there at 8am.  If you make it there early, especially on a holiday weekend, you get at least 2 hours with no lines!

First we came up to Main Street and A was entertained by some singing passerby’s while Daddy snapped a pic!

Then we headed over to the castle because everything we needed was through there!  We got a photo pass but only got 1 snapshot of us which I don’t really want to pay $15 for!  I think it’s a great way to get lots of awesome photos of you and your whole family and not have to carry around your camera, but I had mine, and we were tired of taking A in and out of the stroller!

The first ride we saw was the Mary Poppins Carousel.  I know A loves to ride the horses so we had to stop there!  We got to ride twice since there was no one on line.  She got to ride the little horse and she LOVED it!

Next we went to “Its a Small World”  Our daughter is really social.  We sometimes call her the Mayor.  She needs to check everyone out, say hi, make sure everyone is entertained…and she felt it was her duty to make sure to greet all of the puppets in all of the small world!  She was blowing kisses, and getting very excited!  It was pretty dark in there but I got a little video of Miss Mayor…

Right after that, we went straight across to the Peter Pan ride.  She liked it, but it wasn’t as great of a reaction as the last one, and it was too dark to get any pics!

By then, she was exhausted…she was off schedule and we knew it was naptime.  We strapped her in the stroller and took a walk while she napped.  It took all of Disney’s Magic to get her to nap in that stroller, and she did it!!!!  We were proud 🙂

After her nap, we went to lunch.  Not much opened in terms of food until 11, but we managed to get an 11:15 reservation & got to catch the Mickey & friends show at the Castle.

The hat was essential!

After lunch we headed over to the other LK’s favorite ride in Disney.  Most men would be psyched to get to ride Space Mountain, or Splash Mountain or some other thrilling roller coaster ride…not my LK.  He loves the teacups.  The pink one to be precise.  I have a photo of us in the pink teacup circa 1999 that will not be shown on this blog 😉  or it might.  I haven’t unpacked it yet!

After this, we waited on line for the Winnie the Pooh ride for 30 minutes…at which point A was cranky, we were sweaty, and we decided to go back to the hotel for naptime!  This worked like a charm.  A was able to get in some good sleep, we rested up & got ready for dinner in Japan at Epcot!

A ate everything in sight at dinner....she went especially crazy for the steamed broccolli...

It might look like LK peed in his pants...don't fret...he just spilled an entire bowl of Miso soup on his lap!

We did a little shopping after dinner & A got to pick out her favorite Micky or Minnie doll…she had many to choose from!

She chose the Minnie from Paris! (Auntie H…that’s in France, not London!)

Then we watched the fireworks show & headed to the Monorail.

(A fell asleep on our wait to the monorail & we went for some dessert back at the Magic Kingdom while she napped!  While we were there, I made LK buy an extra special light up balloon for A to wake up to!  It was $15, but what is our daughter’s smile worth really?!?!

In many ways, taking a 1 year old to Disney is silly…but it was great for us.  She wasn’t scared of anything, but she never really is…and the Disney magic made my sassy girl into an angel.  Mickey & Minnie…move over…A is movin’ in!

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