The Country Tour – Family Reunion

After a great day at Sesame Place, we woke up & got ready to go to my Aunt’s house!  As a kid, when we went to Aunt R’s house, we got the “country tour”.  They always lived in PA which to us New Yawkers was like another planet.  A planet where they all pronounced words like coffee, ball, and particularly, Camp DeBaun…very very strangely!  There were giant backyards, farms, vegetable gardens, and lots more fun things that were such a treat to go visit!  We really also loved going to hang with our cousins who we got to beat up since we were 3 girls and never had boys who could rough-house with us!

A few years ago my Aunt & Uncle moved from the house I loved visiting…and this year they got all the family over to the new place for some fun with the new generation of kiddos!  Their house is awesome!  They did such a great job of decorating and making it warm and cozy & very very pretty!  I didn’t take such great photos of the house….I should have…and will next time I’m there!  My favorite new additions since the last time we were there…Master Bedroom rugs, living room rug, and my top favorite – a chalk drawing on a wall that was totally awesome, done by my Aunt and I think it’s the coolest thing ever!  What a great idea!!!!

The kids had lots of fun playing with each other & the adults too!  During this party I learned that I am so much like my Grandma.  She apparently let her kids do anything without worrying too much….at least when they were babies-9years old….and on a movie reel….without sound haha!  I’m sure we would have heard some yelling in the background if there was sound…but if there was sound, it would have been drowned out with sobbing from my mom and aunt.  I’m sure of it!  okfine.  I would have been crying too.

We started off our day with a swim in the hotel pool while we waited to leave for the party…

Out for a morning swim!

"What is that funny noise?!"

"Daddy ... it's coming from your NOSE!!! I'll get it!!! "

Goin' under!

Now it's time to stretch!

Then it was time for the party!!!

kids (and biggest kid Mister LK) using the misting fan to blow lots of crazy bubbles!

A doing acrobatics with Daddy!

Time to eat - a whole bunch of grapes!

we found cousins in the toy box!

"Daddy.....what is THAT?!?!"


Posing with the hot air balloons! They got super close to us! Very cool.

I have this cousin IT.  We had this thing when I was a kid…he’d ask me if I loved him & I said no way.  He’d ask me if I liked him & I said no way.  He’d ask me if I tolerated him…and well…I did!  Apparently – A hasn’t learned to tolerate him yet –

The good news is that it didn’t take long for me to admit that I did love him!

Then A got over tired… are some examples!

just gonna lay down for a little bit...

a kiss for the floor?!?!

Thanks Grand Aunt R & Grand Uncle M 🙂 This was a great day!!!