Happy Birthday Uncle C!

Dear Uncle C,

You are the best uncle ever!  If it weren’t for you, I’d be living in a moldy, gross, unsafe house.  Thanks to you, my room is painted & I can’t get into the kitchen cabinets to throw everything on the floor anymore!  Hmm….well maybe not thanks for that, but you really are the best!  You always play with me when you come over, and you got me the best birthday present ever!  Lately, I make Mommy put it on her head & I think it is hilarious!  I am so happy I got to stay up late and go out with everyone for your birthday.  I think I might make Mommy’s life hell today because I usually don’t stay up until 11pm, but she told me it is all worth it for you!  Dinner was so yummy & your dessert was delish!

I love you very much and I think you should come visit with your bike and take me with you!

I hope you have a very very happy birthday & I can’t wait to celebrate lots more birthdays with you.  Make some good wishes & I hope they all come true!


Baby A

A & Uncle C enjoying some birthday cheesecake!