Sneak peak for the gorgeous CJ!

When I found out the Auntie S2 was gonna have a baby, I started planning and planning and planning what I would do to her nursery!  Then I hoped that Auntie S2 & Uncle B would like it enough to let me make it happen.  This is proving a little difficult since I live so far away and have this loony 15 month old running around, BUT, even if it takes some time…this nursery is going to come to life!  I’m working on lots of little things here that are going to make it down there when A can rock CJ to sleep, and Mommy can get to decorating!  For now – here is my mood board …

The furniture turned out to be dark wood, which is perfect too, and the other things we’ve changed is to include birds & owls since her mommy likes that!  I sent them a sheet from this Etsy shop, CottageBelles, in this fabric that I think is going to be perfect!

some art that I have ready to go:

I unfortunately do not remember where I got this print from, so if you recognize it, comment & give the place some credit!

Auntie S2 knitted her little girl a blanket with tons of colors and it is beautiful!

I have a cool little project that I have in the works here….and I can only give a sneak peak b/c I want to surprise miss CJ and I think she reads our blog (yes – she’s THAT smart)

Next projects up are a paint chip art piece and that rug in the mood board – I want to make it.  CJ might be 12 by the time she has the rug, but I am committed to getting it made…BY ME!

Love you little miss CJ 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sneak peak for the gorgeous CJ!

  1. Love love love! I really like that alphabet art print as well! Let me know if you remember where you got it! S is so lucky to have an amazing talented friend like you!

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