Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Today I am spending my Mother’s Day traveling.  Our flight leaves at 8am, and I am a ridiculous, nervous, neurotic traveler.  At least until we get to the gate…then I’m fine!  This isn’t going to be one of those relaxing, breakfast in bed days, but we’re going to see Auntie S, Uncle P, and our NC friends AG, RG, & M!  Its going to be a great day 🙂

And tomorrow…the boys can make the Mommies breakfast in bed.  And take care of the kids.  And we’ll relax.  kthx.

One sad thing is that I won’t be with my Mom on Mother’s Day.  A & I are going to miss spending the day with her, but we’re going to celebrate when we come home!

I’d like to tell my Mom a few things…


Thanks for being a great Mom and best friend.  You’re an amazing Gramma & A loves you so much.  I know that very soon, I’ll be saying some of the things you always said to us…like…”just wait until you have kids…you’ll see!”  You were right.  This Sh*T is HARD!  You were lucky I was such a good kid!  Life with kids is complicated…and now that I have a kid, and she’s only 1, I get it!  I’m a little scared of the next 18 years!  Thanks for always being there to answer all the crazy calls, and listen when I need to vent.  Thanks for being a great Gramma to A, she’s so lucky.  Thanks for being a wonderful Mom!

We love you very much and can’t wait to celebrate next week!


To all the other Mommies out there…Enjoy your day!  A special I love you to our Aunts who are amazing women & great mothers!

To my Mommy friends, we have great kids, let the husbands take care of them today & you take it easy!  Thanks to you guys for helping me get through A’s 1st year!

From the bottom of my heart, Have a happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!  I hope its fantastic!!!

PS – AG, wine by the pool while the kids sleep and the boys stay home tonight?!

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