We Survived 1 Month!

Our baby boy is 1 month old today.

He is still eating 4oz every 3 hours…except at night when he is getting his long stretch from about 9pm until 2am, and 2:30am to 6am.  Other than that, he’s an angel.  He whimpers when he’s hungry, and if you take too long he’ll work out his lungs and really let you know…but other than that and a little whimpering when he’s got a dirty diaper…he’s pretty quiet.  His favorite time of day is bath time.  He’s getting bigger and bigger every day.  He was 10lbs 4oz at his last Dr visit at 3 weeks old, and I’d be pretty surprised if he isn’t at least 1lb more now!


We are all shocked at how quickly this month flew by….even Baby D!

Surprised at 1 Month


Wishing time would slow down a little….We love you little man.


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