2 Months…2 Kids…No Time…

I’m back.  I know I know…I’ve slacked.  Completely.  For a month.  Can a girl get a break around here?!?!  Baby D is 2 months old now…well…truth he’s been 2 months for almost a week, but that’s how it is 2nd child!  I don’t love you less, I just have less time to write about it!

We had his 2 month check up and he’s a BIG boy!  Weighing in at 12.5lbs, measuring 24″ we’re at the 75th% for weight and 90th% for height!  Look at him….because he’ll melt your heart!



He’s got that shocked look on his face because it has been quite some time since he’s seen the good camera come out!  I capture everything on my iphone these days.  I simply don’t have free hands to carry the big one around!

So…about my 2 month old.

You know those kids who are really really good sleepers?  Yea…we have one of those!  He sleeps 12+ hours a night.  (knock on wood)  I wish I could enjoy his sleeping in till 10am.  Miss A makes sure that doesn’t happen!  At least I’m able to get up and get things done before he’s up….yay bright side.


You know those kids who love the car, and when they are fussy you can drive them around and they sleep peacefully which the engine is running?  We do NOT have one of those!  He thinks that car seat is the perfect place to dirty his diaper…and since he absolutely HATES a dirty diaper, he’ll then scream.  Bloody murder.  Until you pull over and change him in the trunk.

Oh well….you can’t have it all!

He’s eating 5oz every 3 hours, but I think that will change to 6oz within the next week.  He is strong and has no trouble lifting his head when he’s on his belly.  He is otherwise enjoying his life while swinging in his lamb swing, watching Miss A dance and sing & Mommy unpack & clean.  Ahh the life of a 2 month old!

The LK house is adjusting well to this boy & we can’t imagine life without him!

Baby D…we love you!!!!

D2 - close up1

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