How A Spent Her 2nd Birthday…

Since A’s party was being held on Sunday, and her birthday fell on Saturday, we had the whole day to play and enjoy her birthday alone with her.  It was a Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, & A day.  Very similar to the day she was born!  Similar except for the fact that 2 years ago we were in a hospital and I was screaming….this year we were in a mall & A was screaming!

Mommy & Daddy went into A’s room once we heard she was awake & sang her first Happy Birthday of the day!  She thought we were really funny!

Then she gave Mommy a fantastic gift!  She laid on her changing table & let me….CHANGE HER DIAPER!!!!  This is important…and was a big deal…since she NEVER lets me change her without throwing a giant tantrum.

We then sent Daddy out to the yard to trim hedges, clean up the gardening & patio & do some work around the house.  Grandma & Mommy headed out with A to the mall for some shopping!  We got A her birthday present, some clothes, & some stuff for Mommy too!  Success!!!  Then we I realized that A had a dirty diaper & I am an irresponsible Mommy who forgot to reload her diaper bag.  Long. Ride. Home.

We got home, she napped like a good girl while Grandma & Mommy ran some errands & then we had dinner & cake.  Her favorite part of the day for sure!

The first strawberry shortcake of the weekend…but definitely not the last!!!!