Embrace the Camera Thursday 4.5.12

Mister LK and I love to travel.  Well…I love to be away, but hate leaving home and Mister LK loves it all.  As everyone with kids knows, these amazing kiddos…they do complicate travel plans!  We’ve been away pretty frequently the past few weekends and one of those weekends was an “A-free weekend”!!!!  We had a wedding for one of Mister LK’s college friends up in Cape Cod.

In my life full of poop, thrown food, play doh, dirt & a million other dirty things, I live in sweatpants.  All The Time.  It was really nice to get away and be able to put on some pretty clothes & shoes & dance the night away with our friends.  Mister LK has great college friends…and their wives & girlfriends are pretty great too!  We always have a good time!  We even got a picture of ourselves which we NEVER do!

We weren’t the only ones who appreciated this trip!  We were really living like old times….just LKSquared & T.  He got to travel in his bag hiding from the hotel authorities, from everyone at the diner, and stealing coldcuts at the afterparty!  He also got to enjoy a car ride without being told where to sit by a bossy almost 2 year old!

A spent the weekend with Gramma.  She told me she didn’t miss me when we got home.  Hmph…I didn’t miss you either A! (lie)

We are also wishing Uncle P a Happy Birthday today.  Maybe we’ll be seeing you in May!  Hope you have a super day & lots of fun with all the family visiting this week…they’re sure to keep you busy & smiling!!!

Happy Birthday to the Family Sheriff....


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