3 Little Baby Girls…All In A Row…

It hasn’t been many times that we’ve been able to wrangle our 3 girls and get them to sit for a picture…

But when we do…it is always perfection.  These 3 perfect girls are the reason that I live and breathe.  They might make us crazy but hearing them squeal and giggle and laugh so loudly we think someone is crying…makes it all worth it!



Week of Thanks…Day 5

Today…I am thankful for Mister LK having the day off after Thanksgiving!  He’s been to the grocery store this morning, and is now cooking in the kitchen!  We don’t do Black Friday, since we both hate lines & masses of people…so we’re going to host all of the post Black Friday friends we have!

We are wishing all our friends who have been up all night lots of luck & some rest today – we’ll provide the food!

It is a beautiful day outside & I’m going to go outside & play with Miss A.  Until she remembers that Daddy is home & wants him instead 🙂

Back Breaking…

Yesterday I was wrestling my little darling on the floor to change her diaper and get some clothes on…so we could get breakfast in her, pack up the car, & get to dance class for our Halloween party!

Then I stood up.

Since then, I haven’t really been able to move quite right without being loaded up on Ibuprofen!

It seems that my baby girl has literally broken my back!  Or gave me a pulled muscle, but it sure feels broken!  The question is, how can I do the required “resting” when all she wants to do is…

Running as always!

We did make it to the party though…and we had so much fun!

The only spiderwebs allowed in my house!

Is that A??? Or Elmo???

Always wearing our tutu - shaking her maracas!!!


Sweet Moments…

Here are some sweet moments between Miss A & Mr M this past week.

These 2 cuties had their share of pushing, pulling, screaming, etc….they are toddlers after all, but nothing was as good as the sweetness they both are…especially when they are together 🙂

We miss them so much already!

My Corney Little Girl!

We had dinner the other night with our friends the D family.  It was an extensive menu, and A did eat some chicken, lamb and broccoli.

She also ate 2 whole ears of corn.  She cleaned the cobs…..it was INSANE!!

Her method was really funny!  Check it out 🙂

Nom Nom Nom!

Ahhh Delicious!!!!



Howdy Cow = Happy A

What makes my mom the best Gramma???  It’s too long to describe here in a quick post.

But one thing is that she knows her grandchildren & how to make them happy girls!

Present from Gramma!









She hasn't stopped bouncing yet!

Thanks Gramma!!!












Summer fun …

Its been HOT here in NY.  Really hot.  I know I live less than 1/2 a mile to the beach, but with A’s naps & lunchtime & attention span, I think I’m going to try to stick around the yard…now that I have a yard (or 2)!

We got A this sand & water table the other day…she loves it!  She made herself all sandy…and my driveway…and me…and T.  She played in the water table with the boats & swam in her baby pool.  She even got T to come for a swim too!

Not gonna lie…I’m a bragger…my kids are the cutest.  Hands down.

Can we just check out T's smile!

T loves the sun.  He’s mexican through and through.  Now that its hot as hades outside, he can’t get enough of it & tries to get out every chance he gets.  In the winter, I’m lucky if he gets out of bed on his own!

Apparently…A loves the heat too!  Playing outside is doing this girl some good…we’ll be living outside all summer.  You can find me in the baby pool!

Happy Birthday PD :)

The LK family is wishing this adorable baby a very very happy 1st birthday!!!  We hope all your wishes come true!  You are an amazing little girl!  Your parents are very lucky to have such a sweet girl.  Congrats to E & R on making it through this 1st year and being great parents! PD is a very lucky little girl to have you guys taking care of her.


"Seriously...how cute is my best friend!!!"



Here’s A’s note to PD on her special day:

Dear PD,

Happy Birthday to you!  Thanks for being my best friend!  You share your toys with me all the time and even better, you share your mommy’s cell phone and your daddy’s cooking.  You are always there to listen to me scream like crazy when they stick us in that pool every week and you are the only one who understands why I’m crying.  You’re a great pancake sharer too!  You’re really too nice to me most of the time which I probably don’t deserve, since that first time we hung out I pulled your hair and your eye, but you’ve taught me that a real friend can forgive and forget!  They can also fight back…and I won’t be mad if one day you do!  I’m going to try to be a better stroller buddy this summer so you can relax more on our walks without me screaming to get out.  I am so happy that you’re my friend! I hope you have a great 1st birthday!

I love you !

Love, A

Who does A look like….?

Our awesome family in Chicago just sent me some great shots of A’s daddy as a baby!  I would guess he’s about 18months here…since this is cousin B’s 1st birthday & Daddy is 6 months older than him!  Yay math skillz.

These photos got me thinking….who does A look more like?!?!

My cousin S sent me this photo of him & I together right before A was born.  S & I are twin cousins.  Not identical…he IS about half a day OLDER than me 🙂  but we have the same birthdays!  Our mom’s are sisters and they had us on the same day and its been pretty cool to share our bday my whole life!

Here is Daddy


Daddy on the left


Here’s me


Mommy on the right (what a weird face I'm making!!)


* Sidenote:  That “what a weird face I’m making” statement is DEF going to be common when A is a big girl since i can’t help but take a zillion photos of all her silly faces!!!  I love em!

K…now here’s A


"Who do I look like huh?!"

I think she’s a perfect mix…but you can tell me what you think!


Make Believe with A & Cousin S…

Boy did Gramma have her hands full this week!  I’m pretty sure that she will be hibernating in her bed from Thursday through Monday to recover from this week!  Monday she had a sleepover with Cousin S, Tuesday we had a full day with all the girls playing at the Children’s Museum of Paramus NJ, then she had a sleepover with A & Wednesday she came out to our house to bring A back, we went out to lunch and then she came to watch A’s very first swim lesson!

Check out how freaking adorable A & S (and A2 got to come out to play too!) were at the museum!!!!



S wanted A to ride in her car WITH her!

A & S playing with blocks

"How the heck does this thing work...I really want to be LOUDER"

A made a friend!

S the builder...

and S the firefighter...


S has got the whooolllleeee world...in her hands!


We flew the helicopter...

played under the sea...

and above the sea...(A might be on her way overboard!)

S found a horsey!

and they rode together!!!

finally - they had a crafts session & the girls made pretty hats!