Who does A look like….?

Our awesome family in Chicago just sent me some great shots of A’s daddy as a baby!  I would guess he’s about 18months here…since this is cousin B’s 1st birthday & Daddy is 6 months older than him!  Yay math skillz.

These photos got me thinking….who does A look more like?!?!

My cousin S sent me this photo of him & I together right before A was born.  S & I are twin cousins.  Not identical…he IS about half a day OLDER than me 🙂  but we have the same birthdays!  Our mom’s are sisters and they had us on the same day and its been pretty cool to share our bday my whole life!

Here is Daddy


Daddy on the left


Here’s me


Mommy on the right (what a weird face I'm making!!)


* Sidenote:  That “what a weird face I’m making” statement is DEF going to be common when A is a big girl since i can’t help but take a zillion photos of all her silly faces!!!  I love em!

K…now here’s A


"Who do I look like huh?!"

I think she’s a perfect mix…but you can tell me what you think!


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