Embrace the Camera Thursday 2.17.11 & A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY M!


Dear M,

Mommy said I could write you a Happy Birthday card, which I did, and then she forgot to mail it.  It’s probably not the first time she’ll disappoint me but then she told me I could write you a birthday note here and I forgave her!

I want to wish you the happiest first birthday!  Can you believe how old we’re getting?  I think it’s really funny how we’re freaking our Mommies out by getting so big, and doing so many new things every day!  And teeth…yea…those are pretty funny too!  I am so glad that even though we live far apart, that we’ve gotten to see each other a bunch of times so we can nurture our future relationship as husband and wife.  Just to let you know, not to be a downer on your birthday, but I’ve got my eye on you…I saw this…

We’re young, so I’m going to let this one go…

I hope you have the best birthday ever!  I heard about your Moms plans for your Mickey party and think she’s a great Mom for putting that cool party together for you!  I hope you get lots of cool presents and that most of them are toys.  These Mommies think we like clothes, but really, we’re 1!  I’m really excited for your visit to our house & also I hear we’re going to Florida soon too!  I can’t wait to swim with you again…I’m pretty sexy in a bathing suit!

OK, I’m going to go now and have a bottle for breakfast.  I miss you very much and can’t wait to see you!  Have the happiest birthday ever!  Congrats on being 1!

All my love,

Baby A

Make Believe with A & Cousin S…

Boy did Gramma have her hands full this week!  I’m pretty sure that she will be hibernating in her bed from Thursday through Monday to recover from this week!  Monday she had a sleepover with Cousin S, Tuesday we had a full day with all the girls playing at the Children’s Museum of Paramus NJ, then she had a sleepover with A & Wednesday she came out to our house to bring A back, we went out to lunch and then she came to watch A’s very first swim lesson!

Check out how freaking adorable A & S (and A2 got to come out to play too!) were at the museum!!!!



S wanted A to ride in her car WITH her!

A & S playing with blocks

"How the heck does this thing work...I really want to be LOUDER"

A made a friend!

S the builder...

and S the firefighter...


S has got the whooolllleeee world...in her hands!


We flew the helicopter...

played under the sea...

and above the sea...(A might be on her way overboard!)

S found a horsey!

and they rode together!!!

finally - they had a crafts session & the girls made pretty hats!