Cousin S’s 3rd 2nd Birthday party was her school party.  A, Gramma and I got to go too!  It was a great Yo Gabba Gabba party!


MUNOOOOOOO he's tall and friendly

FOOFAAAAA.....She's pink and happy!

BROBEEEEE...the little green one!

TOODEEEE.....she likes to have fun!

PLEX....a magic robot!


Cupcakes came out fantastic!  Weird that Auntie H requested purple cake – but hey….she’s weird 🙂

As soon as A saw her cousin at the other side of the room, she HAD to get to her right away…so she crawled under the table and made her way to the prime spot right next to her best cousin!  It was so sweet…she loves her so much!


'I'm coming Cousin S!"

"Front row to the candle show!"

"How come I didn't get a cupcake?!"

Haha - No cupcake for you A!!! Soon - but not yet!

Cousin Al gets a cupcake!