Welcome 2014…With Love & Light

Happy New Year from the LKSquared house to yours!


We brought in the new year with some of our friends and family here at our house!  We ate, drank, and got covered in sparkles!  The kids played together and the adults had fun too!  There was a tuxedo, a gown, some sweatpants, leggings and jeans.


NY8There was an adorable dog visitor & many pretend “broken legs” healed.



So what if the kids stayed up until 11:56pm before passing out?!  (They couldn’t make it to 12am????? Lame…)  But they sure were cute!



NY12It was great to have our friends here…and especially wonderful to celebrate with these 2 sweethearts before their 2 bitty babies make their debut!!!!  We are thinking of you guys!!!!  We can’t wait to meet the babies….but we will! (PS – have we ever seen a more gorgeous pregnant girl?  There are TWINS in there!  She’s magnificent & I’m jealous.  I was hideous…anyway…)




In the spirit of the new year, I’m putting some of my goals out there!  not resolutions…those never last.  But I’d like to set some goals….so here they are!

BAD HABIT I’M GOING TO BREAK:  Emotionally eating … for my friends!!!!

A NEW SKILL I’D LIKE TO LEARN:  So…I really want to learn to knit, but I think that might not be this year’s skill.  This year I’d like to learn how to be a better self-promoter & be able to grow my photography business!  In search of a lifestyle, portrait, baby, bday party, photographer???? Check me out at http://www.lksquaredphoto.com!!! (always learning!)

A PERSON I HOPE TO BE MORE LIKE:  My cousin S.  After the way that his friends and family spoke about him at his wedding (see here), I hope to be a little more like him everyday.

A GOOD DEED I’M GOING TO DO:  I would like to a little more for someone effected by a natural disaster.  A little pay it forward something…

A PLACE I’D LIKE TO VISIT:  I would love to visit Texas this year.

A BOOK I’D LIKE TO READ:  “The First Phonecall From Heaven” by Mitch Albom.  I have enjoyed his other books and think I’ll enjoy this one too…if I can find the time!

A LETTER I’M GOING TO WRITE:  I will write a letter to Miss A & Baby D this month with some thoughts I have about them! (Good ones…I promise)

A NEW FOOD I’D LIKE TO TRY:  I would like to try Indian food.

I’M GOING TO DO BETTER AT:  Keeping calm.  Finding my balance and maintaining my patience.  I have a tendency to react quickly…especially with Miss A.  I am going to work very hard at this.  Modeling behavior for her, that I like, will hopefully help her to find a way to imitate me and make us both happy!

Wishing everyone who stops by to check out my little family and even those who don’t, a very happy 2014!!!



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