The Ramblings Of Miss A…

Baby D has been getting most of the love here on the blog.

2014 is going to be the year of BOTH kids!  I’m so busy making sure to not leave #2 behind that #1 is being hurried along and I need to make this about both kiddos since they are both pretty freakin’ amazing.

Miss A is 3 years and 8 months old.  The workings of her brain are something that I don’t think I can begin to comprehend.  She certainly is her Daddy’s girl!  Smart doesn’t scratch the surface.  Either does sensitive, nosy, and sometimes cranky!  She’s a girl with many emotions, and she’s not afraid to tell you which one she’s feeling…

Surprised“What???? I can’t drown the baby???? But if I do then we can just go get another one.  At the hospital.  Then we can get a GIRL baby!!!!!  Right Mommy?  Can we do that?????”

Uhhhhh no….not so much Miss A.  Drowning the baby in the bathtub is generally considered bad…and would likely result in Mommy and Daddy going to jail & you never seeing us again….  (contemplating this fate…..) “oh….ok….well then can I just pretend?”


photo (1)

Serious“Mommy…this is very serious.  Baby D is under the couch.  He is all the way under there and he can’t get out.  You must come now.  It is an emergency!  photo

She wasn’t lying.



I am SO ANGRY!  I am angry and frustrated.  I want to wear my pink dress and you said I have to wear pants.  I won’t wear pants.  I hate pants.  I hate clothes and these clothes look horrible on me.  I will never look pretty.

Right.  Right back in 1930.  Women in pants are ugly.  Somewhere, somehow you’re getting the right message kid.

photo (2)sometimes she wins.

Happy“Do you know what I dreamed about Mommy?  About my family.  I love my family.  When I go to the Doctor and I get a shot, I am not scared.  I am brave.  I just close my eyes and I dream of my whole family hugging me and then I’m not scared.  Then I don’t cry.  And when I open my eyes, then I’m done with my shot and I was brave!  Daddy cries.  Hahaha.  He’s scared.  I’m not scared.  My family makes me happy.”

photo (4)Oh Miss A…with all of your moods, emotions, and tempers that change with the wind….Mommy and Daddy and Baby D love you more than you’ll ever know!  We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!  You’re getting very big and I hope we grow together and stay connected as much as we are right now as these years fly by us!

I love you Sweet Pickle.