9 Months Old Already?

Hi 9 months.  It’s nice to see you.  Can you go away now please?  Go back where you came from and give me my baby back, ok?  Thanks.  Surprise, surprise, you aren’t listening…just like everyone else around here!

D1New since last month…I didn’t think it was possible, and I’ll stop jinxing myself, but the kid moves more than the NYC subway system.  I can get about 20 minutes a day of him in the exer-saucer, and that is in 5 minute increments!  I’m tired!  His crawling has turned into this weird spider walk on his hands and feet.  He’s ridiculously fast.  I can’t pee without him getting into something or somewhere he isn’t supposed to be!  I have baby gates now…something I never had before…o keep the baby OUT of things! D2He has all 6 teeth now.  4 on top, and 2 on bottom.  I believe the teeth are done coming down for the time being, since his face has cleared up and so has his mood!  Except for that damn ear infection he had during this month!  He took his first antibiotic at 9 months old (like a champ)…pretty damn good for a formula fed baby who slept on his belly since birth!  We spent one day a week at the doctor for 7 weeks until we got that ear infection diagnosis!  Not that I ever wish for my kids to be sick, but when they are in pain, you look for a concrete reason with a medicine fix!

Drool status…going strong.  Teeth or no teeth, this boy can drool.  If he’s dressed, he’s wearing a bib.  I change his bibs every 2 hours or so.  They are always soaked.  It is gross.  He’s like a slug.  Everywhere he crawls, he leaves a trail of slime behind.  It is helpful when he crawls off when I’m dealing with Miss A and I can’t seem to find where he’s gotten to!

D4He is still putting everything in his mouth.  Including a ton of food!  The flavor combinations I can feed this kid rival the judges of Top Chef!  I hope to get lots of recipes up here on Fridays!  I hope I can keep it up!  His babbling is getting clearer, and he’s been heard a time or 2 saying Mama.  He’s got Baba, Lala, Nana….and he screams.  In public.  Loudly.  It’s fun when I’m at a restaurant…and unlike Miss A…this one doesn’t have a bobo to stick in his mouth and make him quiet!

D6He is still having his love affair with his puppy.  He spends his days chasing T around and we really can’t decide if he’s trying to get him off his face, or coaxing him TO his face!!!  He has started to really grab at T & pull hard.  I am shocked, but it must be true love because T just sits there & takes it.  Makes no sense seeing as how if I move my foot in bed, he growls at me…and I am the one who butters his bread, so to speak, or literally.  Whatever.

D3Baby D, you are growing too fast.  Slow it down ok?  You are keeping me on my toes and there’s no one I’d rather run around after like a lunatic!  You’re a sweet sweet boy, and a wonderful little brother.  When you see your sister, your face lights up and my heart melts.  When you wake up and smile at me, I just want to freeze time.  You’re a good boy little man and I am looking forward to all that you are going to teach me!

10 months…here we come!!!