Embrace the Camera Thursday 02.24.11


E, PD, A & Mommy!


We had our 2nd swim lesson last night.  After a long day of Aunt D, E, PD, A & Mommy being in the car & trying to shop but being unsuccessful, we ended up having a yummy lunch all the way out in Huntington.  We like to travel for lunch apparently!  The girls ate a pancake, and as usual A had her pickles!  The ride home was a disaster for A and she didn’t sleep AT ALL in the afternoon.  The swim lesson was more of an exercise in getting her NOT to cry!  By the time she got home she was asleep and we just stuck her right in the crib with her clothes on and all!!!  I was NOT risking the terrible “overtired A”.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….not gonna happen!

Anywho…I’m going to go wake up the little angel now!  She’s singing in her crib!

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!