Boy Interrupted…

This week has been all about this tiny little angel boy, but I’d just like to sa that my little girl has been such a trooper.  She spent most of the time in the hospital & now she’s been at Auntie S’s house with a bunch of grown ups!  We just can’t make ourselves leave this little boy, so with all this attention being poured onto our new cousin, I was expecting A to act out.  Short of a few tantrums and some random acts of rebellion, I’m pretty shocked at how good she’s being.

First…she hid her diaper bag.  While Grandma had the car.  And she went and did this…(sorry future A, this is VERY embarrassing)

Anyone else’s kid refuse diapers, fully potty train for 2 weeks, then 100% refuse the potty and demand her diapers back???!!!  Oh…right…then go into the hospital room closet and take care of her private business while telling you to “leave me alone”?????

As I mentioned, she had hidden her diaper bag…making me think I was a bad mom & forgot it in the hotel…which was NOT true.  But we’re resourceful…and thankfully we have a brand new cousin who is a terrific sharer…

Note** Miss A wears a size 4 diaper.  Normally.  This is what a size 1 looks like on a size 4 tushie!

At this point I took A over to Grandpa & B’s hotel to spend a few hours getting some sun & sand…

The next time she was able to have some good old fashioned toddler fun was when our friend & H’s other big cousin EG came to play!  A big thanks to Uncle P for buying & blowing up the awesome hippo pool for us!

And because this blog is focused on a handsome little man who has been home from the hospital for a few days now…and I can’t get enough of him…here’s 1 for today!

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