Quotable Moments

If you know Miss A personally, than you already know she’s a really really great talker.  If you don’t know her or haven’t seen her in a while, you’d be pretty surprised how clear she speaks and even more shocked at what she says!  This girl is really funny!  Most of the time I have to hide my laughter because I don’t want her repeating some of the things she comes up with in public!

I think it is going to be fun to look back at this post with her when she’s older and see some of my favorite quotable moments from my 23 month old!

The day before seder #1 Passover 2012, April 5th, I was busy cooking in the kitchen and my hands were covered in food.  A asked me to put on Tangled in the living room, so I did. She kept coming into the kitchen asking me for more and more things.  I was frustrated…this conversation ensued…


A: “Mommy….Don’t freak out!”

M: “Excuse me, what did you say?”

A: “No freak ouuuuutttttt Mommy!”


The G family sent over a bounce house for A’s birthday gift.  A hasn’t really stopped bouncing since it arrived!  The morning of April 13th I helped her into the bounce house early in the morning, and went to my room to throw on some clean sweatpants…I was on the phone with Grandma and we hear….


M: ” how can I help you A?”

A: “Mommy take picture Dumbo, Pooh and A…NOW puhlease”


A’s Auntie S, Auntie H, and our friend ED are all pregnant…everyone keeps talking about the “baby in the belly”…proof that toddlers listen to everything you say and think everything is about them!  We were in the car on the way to play with PD on April 15th, we were listening to the radio and A interrupts me to say…

A: “Mommy…I surprise Daddy”

M: “Oh really A, what’s your surprise for Daddy?”

A:  “A baby in my belly!!!”

Oh yes A!  That would be a serious surprise for Daddy!  I will definitely stop watching 16 & Pregnant near A … immediately!


A in her crib morning of 4/17

“I want to PARTY!”

These are just a few examples of the funny things Miss A says daily…I think I will start to keep better track of some of them so I don’t forget.  These days are amazing….frustrating sometimes, but mostly, simply incredible!


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