Fort Construction 101…

Last week, we got the chance to visit with Auntie S2 & baby Cousin CJ!  We don’t see them nearly enough, so when they came to Long Island to visit family, we made sure that we got to see them at least for a quick morning visit.  We didn’t get to see too much of Baby CJ since she was napping most of the morning (like a good baby!) but Miss A had a BLAST with her Auntie S2!  They got lots of fun packed into such a quick visit!

A showed Auntie S2 some of her favorite movies and introduced her to the Backyardigans.  Auntie S2 showed Miss A how to build a pillow fort and how to hide & check out her surroundings in her new hiding spot!  A thought this was very very cool…

Then Baby CJ woke up and I got to see how big she’s gotten since last time we saw her!  It is amazing how much she’s grown since Thanksgiving.  She is beautiful & I miss her tons already!


I think the next time we’ll see Auntie S2 and Cousin CJ will be in June, and we can’t wait!!!

2 thoughts on “Fort Construction 101…

  1. Tell Miss A that was my favorite fort ever!!! And I miss her tons! And I miss her mommy and daddy *almost* as much as I miss her. Can’t wait until she’s old enough for you to ship her down for a visit 🙂

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