Every Girl Deserves To Be Pampered…

It was 3 months since I’d gotten my hair done…and considering my genetic predisposition for grey hair, this was simply unacceptable.  So we loaded up the car with Miss A & Mr T & headed to Joseph & Co to do something about the situation on top of my head!

The whole way there Miss A was quizzing me on what we were going to do, and who was going to do it, and where this place was, and she was also insisting that not just Mommy gets her hair done, but Miss A should get her hair cut too.  If you’ve seen my photos you know that she’s rockin’ the pixie cut…without the cut!  There was a snowball’s chance in hell I was cutting her hair…but I promised we would see what we could do with her!

I don’t know why I don’t spend more time with Joseph & Co….they love my dog, they love my baby and they watch them, feed them, entertain them…all while taking care of me!  It’s the best!  This time, Miss A was very vocal about what she wanted…and they obliged!

“Mommy…I want my hair WASHED”

“Mommy…I want my nails done”

“Mommy…I want my hair DONE”

Miss A’s reward for being the best behaved girl for almost 2 weeks straight….her day of pampering.  In my book…it was a very fair trade!!!


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