Girls Havin’ Fun…

To say that I am proud of the progress Miss A, Mister LK & I have made in behavior modifications is a gross understatement.  We’ve been working hard on our communication, reading her signals and responding to her needs without indulging her unwanted behavior.  Mister LK and I aren’t perfect parents, but what we are is determined to be the best parents we can be.  Consistency and follow through have been key…our positive attitudes are the  most important factor & keeping ourselves in check is physically exhausting…but she’s worth it!

Miss A got to spend a lovely afternoon with her cousins, who she has seriously missed over the summer.  There was lots of laughing, dancing, swimming & love.  It was beautiful.  Until it wasn’t …. Then Miss A came down with a little fever…so we had to leave…thankfully the fever was gone in the morning.

Here are some highlights of their cousin day…


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