7 Months Moody…

Wow I’m in a bad mood!

When I was pregnant with Miss A I found that I was crazy irritable…like all the time…So as I get farther along with this mystery baby I am trying hard to be aware of my attitude and keep it in check.  Today…I was unsuccessful.  A big FAIL on today in the cranky department.  I certainly raised my voice more than I should have, and my patience was essentially non-existant.  I can only try to do better tomorrow.  I’m hoping that Mister LK goes out to get some Nyquil or Tylenol PM so that he can sleep … so that I can sleep … because I would like to believe that my moodiness today was the fault of about 2 hours total of sleep last night.  The Mister has a cold, and he couldn’t sleep….so I didn’t sleep either.  I need tonight to be better than last night.  I’ve got things to do tomorrow!

Miss A was a good sport for the most part today.  She tried to make me laugh at every turn.  She also used her toddler ways to drive me up a wall with the whining…I know she saw I was weak and was trying to break me.  She did a few times, I can’t lie.

Why can’t grown ups just act out their feelings wherever they are????

A on floor 1

I think I’d feel much better after a tantrum…toddler style!

Hoping for a better day tomorrow!!!

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