Back to Work….

As I opened up my blog reader, I noticed that Mondays are difficult for most people.  Everyone hates a Monday.  Monday is back to work day.  I normally don’t feel this Monday pain, as everyday is a work day for me…but this week I had a very lovely vacation!  Grandma took A down to visit Auntie S & Mister LK and I had the week to ourselves!  It was glorious.  We went out to dinner with friends, stayed out past 10pm, celebrated the Mister’s birthday 5 different times, slept in & didn’t watch 1 single episode of Sesame Street or Yo Gabba Gabba!  My favorite things I did this week were spontaneously going out to dinner (I miss you spontenaity…you’ve been gone for so long!), and getting creative.

Dinner, Art, Cleaning, Organizing, Sleeping, Showering, Makeup, Hairdryer…..things of my “staycation”.

Today is my Monday…my back to work day…just instead of paperwork, filing, phonecalls & meetings…this is my work…

This week was really great being kid-free, but I miss that smile so much my heart is going to burst!!!!  I can’t wait to hear her laugh & get a giant hug & kiss from her!  I just hope she hugs & doesn’t hit!!!