Ants are making me cry…

Tiny ants.  But a thousand of them.  I have successfully banished them from 2 bathrooms, my kitchen, my living room and A’s room.  All the while having a peaceful retreat in my own bedroom.  THEY HAVE INVADED MY BEDROOM.  So now I have to leave this gross Terro trap in the middle of my floor b/c their colony is living in my floor boards and they are coming up from the center of the room and I have to step over the ant pile every time I go in and out.  I have to sleep with Tyler on a leash so he can’t get out of bed in the middle of the night.  I have to wear shoes when I walk in my own room.  I have to turn on the light to check said shoes for ANTS.


Dear Ants,

Please get the HELL OUT.



The LKs

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