Saying goodbye to A’s first home…

A’s first home was in Brooklyn.  She won’t remember anything about it, and at times, I would like to forget about it too, but really, aside from the drain fly infestation, loud downstairs tenant, breezy shower, tiny downstairs bathroom, dumb non-functioning garage, very difficult parking and stupid landlord, it was a good house.

It provided us with great memories of A’s first 7 months & I hope we never forget it.  I loved the paint colors we chose…and I loved the open yet separate living room/dining room.  I loved our big bedroom and A’s little nursery.  I loved the location near Auntie E.  I loved Food City our little grocery store, and that our walks in the morning took us to the water as we walked by mansions we could never afford but loved to look at.  I loved being able to let T out in the yard.  I loved that it was the LK’s first house and how all of our furniture and “stuff” from our tiny 1 br apt filled up the house.  I even loved the packing tape that was stuck on the LR walls from the HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner for the surprise party I threw my husband 2 weeks after we moved in.  I really loved the way our couch came in the house and out….through the window.  I loved how close it was to Auntie H.  Of course she never dropped S at our house when it was 15 minutes away…but we did see much more of her then!

A loved the house too.

Here’s some photos from our final day there.  She never knew there was so much open space!  (If only she knew at that time that space would be something she’d never want for again!)

Embrace the Camera Thursday 01.13.11

Here’s our first Embrace the Camera post of 2011!  Hopefully we’ll have time to participate more now that the house is getting settled a bit & I have a computer that works!

This is from my dad’s Hannukah party.  A had a very busy Hannukah this year & she got lots and lots of presents.  Like every other baby, she loved all the wrapping paper and boxes.  She did however get some toys that she is obsessed with.  She is a very lucky little lady to get all new toys for our new house!

More Hannukah pictures coming later!