8 Months already!

Now its almost 9, but we’re delayed these last few months, so here goes!

Check out those 2 teeth!  For a baby with only 2 bottom teeth she sure knows how to chew!  This month she’s figured out that she absolutely LOVES cheese.  Cheddar is her favorite so far, but she’s also liked fresh mozzarella, babybel, and even swiss.  She likes eggs, yogurt, blueberries, chicken soup with noodles, turkey, tofu in miso soup, ravioli, and she really hates avocado.

She now runs around things.  She climbs stairs.  She stands with no hands for maximum 10 “mississippi” seconds.  She still loves You Gabba Gabba, and really loves the “clean” episode.  She had her first words “Cap Cap” combined with the clapping hands!!!  She signs “more” when we aren’t paying attention while feeding her &/or not feeding her fast enough! She played in the snow for the first time & loved it…until she face planted while trying to crawl in 8 inches of snow!  She had her first New Years Eve party, and almost was up at midnight!  She had her first New Years Day at Farkas’s, Aunt D babysat one night, and awesome K babysat another night & they both said she was a good girl!

We’re almost at month 9 now, and I can’t believe how big she’s getting.  She’s growing up so fast.  I know that is a good thing, but its also a little sad.  I completely understand why my mom was always asking us to stay small.  I am so proud of her and amazed at her growth and excitement at learning new things, but I miss her infant self with her sleepy little face and teeny tiny little tushy!

I love you my sweet girl, I can’t wait for everything that is coming up, but if you could just stay small…Mommy would really appreciate it!