Phantom Baby….

This is our family’s phantom baby.  Lots of freezing weather and a tendency to get sick cause this adorable munchkin to only see the light of day on rare occasion.  I think her mom might even have the Dr. make  house-calls to keep her inside 😉

She’s so tiny here, but now she’s huge.  Bad Auntie LK needs more pictures of niece #2.  Resolution for 2011…take more pictures of this beautiful girl.


Give a girl some rope…

And she’ll eat it!

This was moving day.  That rope lowered our couch out the window to get it out of the house since the doorway was too small.

The funny part about this, is of course that we (responsible parents that we are) left the rope with our baby so we could take pictures, and of course the fact that we removed the legs to the couch and haven’t since been able to locate them!  Not good…going to go call Crate and Barrel to get some replacement legs!


its 2011 already?!?!

This is how we’re all feeling lately!  We owe you all a recap of life the last 2 months, and I just went through the photos on my camera to remind me of what happened, and its A LOT!

A’s 7th & 8th months included Thanksgiving at Gramma’s, living at Gramma’s for 2 weeks, Hannukah, Jewish Xmas, New Years, new windows, lots of ants, a tropical playroom, and a serious blizzard!

All photos are straight from the camera since I’m waiting the best Auntie’s dad to help me with my editing software!

We pretty much lived with Gramma for A’s 7th month.  She had a blast!  She tore up her house and made lots of messes.  She tortured Tyler and Teddy.  She stood up wherever she wanted, including the ottman *that is on wheels* which is why you see a gash on her lip b/c she fell on her face!  She is much more stable now, but it sucked back then!

Then we moved in to the new house.  She loves all the space to crawl around, even though I have to limit her space so much b/c nothing is baby proofed!  She was strolling around in her walker until I realized that it was ruining my new floors….the walker has been banished to the storage room!  Crawling will suffice!

8th month update later!